Copper-gard Pre-insulated copper pipe shall be factory fabricated using a Single Machine-Injected System for Polyurethane Foam.

The list of Copper Tube Standard that can be used as the Carrier Pipe :-
  • Copper Tube to BS EN 1057 Class X / Class Y ( Hard Drawn / Half Hard ).
  • Copper Tube to ASTM B88 Type K / Type L.
Insulation must be machine injected polyurethane foam :
2-component-system for the production of closed cell rigid foams using R 141b as blowing agent. The foams shall make of Elastopor MH 4101 with a minimum overall density of 50kg/m³ and with minimum insulation thickness of 25mm.

Properties for the polyurethane foam:
  • Thermal Conductivity, K-value : 0.018 Kcal / m. h  °C (0.022 W/m.°K)
  • Minimum Density : 45 kg/m²
  • Compressive Stress : 0.31 N/mm² (33 psi)
  • Flexural Strength : 0.36 N/mm² (42 psi)
  • Closed Cell content : min 90%
  • Water Vapour Permeability : 3.7 PERM-CM (2.2 PERM-IN)
Pre-insulated pipe shall be of a product which conducted FM approvals construction materials calorimeter which measures a product’s maximum rate of heat release of 230 Btu/ft2/min. or less.
Copper-gard Pre-insulated Pipe product is in compliance with the requirement for BS 476 Part : Part 20 : 1987, BS 476 Part 6 ,Part 7 and Part 12.

Field Joints Insulations
Field joint insulation works must be performed strictly in accordance with manufacture’s recommendations. Polyurethane foam material must be the same material with the piping systems.